Do Penis Enlargement Devices Really Work?

I know a lot of you are in search of a very good penis extender or penis enlargement device.  May men wants to explore the possibility of having a bigger member because of curiosity, insecurity, embarrassment or being unhappy with their size.  There are some who wish to give a more satisfaction to their partner and give the best performance in lovemaking and would like to discover a more effective way to get a larger penis. Actually, they say that there isn’t guy who hasn’t wished his were bigger.  We can also blame this to promotions which imply that women wants bigger penis.

Penis Enlargement Devices

Average size of a penis

According to study, the average size of a penis is about 3 inches in flaccid state and 5 inches with circumference of 4 inches when erected.

Penis Extenders

Many products and methods to enlarge a penis are available in the market today.  Examples are pills, exercises, stretching, clamping, pumps and even surgery. There are testimonials that some of them work, but most of them fail.  Some even costs a lot of money but also failed to get the satisfactory additional inches as promised in the advertisement and some gives short-term effect only.  Although some are safe, some also have very serious side effects or serious permanent result.  Remember that no medical organization approves of these kinds of procedures.

For men who do not want to take too much risk or do not have enough budget to spend to surgeries and other penis extenders prefer the natural or home remedies.  Some examples are, losing weight, trimming the pubic hire around the penis and regular penis exercise.

But do they really work?

Some of them work and some of them do not.  If you opt to use a penis enlargement device, make sure that you have researched enough about the product and manufacturer. Do not be fooled by enticing advertisement only. The most effective method is surgery.  This is the only procedure that gives a permanent outcome. Many are pleased with the result of the procedure. However, before taking this option, make sure that you are ready to splurge money for it. For your safety, make sure to choose a certified clinic or hospital where you want it done.

Lastly, always think about your health.  Given the possible consequences of any method, you should consult a doctor to get a professional advice on what’s the best method for you.  Do not be afraid to hear about the possible risks and side effects as it will be your deciding factor.  You may also consult a psychologist or psychiatrist as your plan could be just a cause of insecurity and they can help you achieve your self esteem even without taking any of the penis extender procedures.

You should not be embarrassed to discuss this topic with them so they can help you with their professional knowledge.  Now, if you are still decided to undergo any procedure or use any penis enlargement device, think about your partner and if possible, discuss it with her.  You will surely get an honest opinion.

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