Penis Pumps or Penis Extenders: Which is Effective?

A number of devices for penis enlargement has been existing for a number of years already. In fact, men from ancient times make use of heavy weights to stretch their reproductive organs in order to increase their penile size for a few inches. However, most of them fail to do so, and some of them ended up becoming impotent and injured.

Nowadays, there are plenty of penis enlargement devices that are safe and effective to use. Although there is still weight-hanging devices existing, there are other safe options that promote the enhancement of the girth of the penis and augment men’s sexual stamina. Two of the most used devices are penis pumps and penis extenders.

Penis Pumps or Penis Extender

Penis Pumps and its Pumping Efficacy

One of the oldest and most popular tools in enhancing the penile size is the penis pump. This is comprised of a tube where the penis of the man is to be inserted. There is a ring to be placed around the pedestal of the penis and a hand-operated pump that is responsible in drawing air out of the tube, thus creating a vacuum inside the tube. With this, there will be drawing of blood into the penis, making it swell and engorged. The ring is responsible in pooling the blood inside the penis after removal of the tube.

Penis pumps are created as a cure for impotence. However, they are not intended for a long-term use. Moreover, health professionals suggested that penis pumps are just good for temporary use only. A temporary engorged penis created by penis pumps permits men who are impotent to enjoy sexual intercourse with their partners.

Although penis pumps work, the penis may return into a flaccid state once the ring that is placed in the base is removed. Moreover, men will not achieve great results without the aid of penis pump. In fact, there are no scientific studies that prove that penis pump enhances penile growth. Unfortunately, penis pumps may pose negative effects, such as damage of blood vessels, blister formation on the skin of the penis, or even impotence. Nevertheless, penis pumps provide temporary results for men who are suffering from impotence.

Penis Extenders and its Extensive Capacity

Another device that is utilized by men for over years is the penis extenders. In the past, these extenders are cheaply-made. However, it can be quite painful for men to wear the device. Good thing there are new models that can be chosen by men today. Penis extenders these days now make use of traction because of its effectivity. No wonder it has been clinically revealed to offer outstanding results.

Penis extenders with traction function by putting gentle stretching pressure around the penis. The soft, comfortable strap of the extender is placed over the head of the penis and is attached to a certain device placed in the groin. Men who have used the extender is in control of the pressure to be applied to the penis, preventing the risk of injury from happening. When the device provides too much tension, men can simply adjust on it.

When the reproductive organ is stretched gently, the cells start to divide and stretch, resulting in the multiplication of cells and lengthening of the penis. This is, indeed, a clinically-proven device in enhancing penile size. However, health professionals recommend not to grow the organ bigger than nine inches as it might provide discomfort to the partner.

Whatever device you will choose in enhancing penile growth – either penis pumps or extenders – one important thing to consider is the safety of the device.

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