Pro Extender Review: The Good And Bad Side

There is a big market for penis enlargement treatments. This is because men want to have the biggest penis on the block and be the envy of their social circle. They want is so badly that they are willing to pay a premium price for it. Because of the huge demand, there are many available solutions that practically promise instant results to thousands of susceptible men.  Weeding out the good solutions can be hard. However, there are times when a good solution or a good product is made obvious that they are immediately noticeable.  One of the good examples is the Pro Extender.

What is the Pro Extender?

proextenderBasically Pro Extender is a special device that aims to stimulate natural penis growth by actually forcing the penis muscles and tissue to extend. The theory is that if the penis is slowly stretched over time, the penis muscles and tissues will adapt to the pressure and grow accordingly. It promotes the growth of new blood vessels on the penis and it also promotes cellular division to actually achieve penile growth.

It takes several months of daily use in order for the product to work. It is often used in tandem with special supplements that make the penile muscles susceptible to an increased penis size. According to the manufacturer, successful results can be achieved if the Pro Extender is used properly.

Other Similar Devices In The Market

Devices that try to make the penis bigger are nothing new.  Penis pumps have been popular since the seventies. Ancient China and other ancient cultures have some sort of penis enlargement device that they have used. The theory is the same. Regularly apply stretching pressure on the penile muscles and tissues and this will result to a bigger penis over time. The only difference is how the theory is put into practice hence the difference in design.

The Good Thing About the Pro Extender

One of the best things about the Pro Extender is the fact that it is made with high grade plastic. This is very important because it is essential to keep a stretching action on the penis tissue for several hours every day. This exposes the device to a lot of sweat and moisture. The plastic also makes it light to hold.

Despite being primarily made of plastic, the essential stress bearing areas are made from high end steel. This guarantees durability and longevity. This means the investment is quite protected and a man only needs to use one device daily until he gets the results that he wants.

The Pro Extender is not just a device. It also includes special male enhancement supplements. This increases the chances of a man getting a pretty big penis after several months of use.  However, in order to really maximize it, a man should continue taking these supplements even after the original free bottles run out.

The Major Issue About the Pro Extender

Compared to other penis extenders in the market especially the ones that belong in the same price range, the Pro Extender can be a tad uncomfortable to wear. It can really hurt at time especially if a man ends up with an unexpected erection. The way the device hangs on to the penis can be quite painful as well especially for first timers. This is just a slight pet peeve as the manufacturer has explained that the design, while slightly discomforting is actually very effective.  If men want to have a bigger penis, this pain may be something that is worth their while. However, if they would rather not have to deal with pain, there are other options available in the market.

Final Verdict

The theory behind the design of the Pro Extender system is sound. The application is also obviously well thought out. However, in order to get expected results, it needs to be used for several hours every day for months. This is clearly not the product for people who demand instant results. However, if a man has the patience required to use the Pro Extender system properly, they can definitely expect to have a boost in their penis after a few months of proper use. Patience is definitely a virtue because these results are often long lasting and permanent.