Simple and Worry-Free Steps in Enhancing Men’s Manhood

Men who are suffering from low self-esteem because of their small reproductive organ seek ways on how to enhance their manhood naturally. Aside from surgery, there are different devices and products that help enhance their penile size in a safe and natural way, without sacrificing the quality and effectiveness.

Enhancing Men’s Manhood

A lot of women wish their partner to have a big manhood. Although men with an average size of around four to five inches can provide satisfying sex, having an eight to nine inches of an erecting penis can turn women on. In order to achieve this size, there are plenty of easy techniques in enlarging man’s reproductive organ.

  • The ‘Penis Wake-Up’ Technique. This method is recommended to be performed before carrying out two of the very effective penile enlargement exercises. Men will be needing a face towel soaked in a warm water. Squeeze out the water and wrap the hot towel around the penis, including the testicles. This will facilitate adequate blood flow to the penis, leading to faster tissue regeneration and enhancing penis size.
  • Jelqing Technique. This exercise is best to perform after the organ is warmed up with warm compresses. In performing the procedure, one should apply lubrication on the semi-erect state of the penis. However, the organ should not be fully erect; it should only be 70 to 80 percent erect. Then, use the thumb and the finger to form an “O” symbol, and place it in the middle portion of the penis and push all loose blood gathered in the organ downwards up to the head of the penis. The more blood that accumulates in the head of the penis, the longer and larger it will become.
  • Shock Technique. The main goal of this technique is to promote adequate blood flow in the organ through applying a certain shock treatment in the penis to facilitate natural growth. This is done by holing the middle section of the semi-erect penis and slap it on both sides of the legs for three minutes. This will provide shock in the penis, allowing an adequate blood flow into the penis and promoting natural growth of the penis.
  • Long Schlong Technique. This technique is performed by holding the head of the penis and stretch the penis through applying pressure on the head for about ten to fifteen seconds. Repeat this technique for about five times and make sure that there is a stretch feeling at the base of the penis. After performing this for five times, take time to massage and relax the penis gently in order to bring back its normal blood pressure. Once the blood circulation is restored, hold the penis firmly and pull it on the right side until pressure is felt on the left side base of the penis. Perform this technique twice in a day.
  • The use of Traction Device. This is deemed to be the most effective means of increasing the penile size of men. Moreover, it is recommended for men who have no time performing other exercises due to their hectic schedule. These traction devices provide tension on the head of the penis and stretch it to help grow millions of cells and tissues inside the penis. Nevertheless, they are very comfortable to use and efficient in enhancing penis size of up to four inches in a month.
  • Balanced Meal. This is probably the most essential in enhancing the size of the penis of men. Having a well-balanced diet will help men increase their penile size and fasten the repairing process of tissues in the penis.

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