Try the Safest Available Penis Extenders

Men generally are unhappy with the size of their penis and looking for ways on how to make them bigger.  The main reason is to give pleasure and satisfaction to their partner and give the best performance during lovemaking.  This is basically the reason why the use of penis extenders and penis enhancement devices are getting popular in the internet.  Advertisements about different products and brands can be seen everywhere. Some offers safety, some comfort and some performance. However, not all men who get enticed with these kinds of products know the drastic consequence of using these methods and procedures.

Safest Penis Extenders

It’s true that a lot of the products available are effective, but not all of them are safe.  There are a lot of risks involved in these using penis extenders even if it is available in local pharmacies, and sometimes claims to be herbal.  Make sure to consult a medical practitioner if you are planning to take or use any of the available penis enlargement devices.

But did you know that are several penis extenders available that are effective and safe?

  1. Exercise.  This is the best way to grow muscle naturally.  We know that penis are mostly muscle and blood vessels, thus exercising can grow your penis naturally. This method is used even during the Ancient time.  The most famous of them is the ancient Arabic penis extender technique called “jelq” or milking.  Some say that this is effective but is not permanent.  This method needs to force large amounts of blood through the penis which creates controlled damage in the structure of penis. Each stroke should take at least 3 seconds.  And in order to keep the penis bigger, this exercise should be done as frequently as possible.
  2. Penis pump.  This is a penis enhancement device that make use of vacuum to reach the size that you want.
  3. Penis Patches.  This method work like penis pills. It increases the blood flow to the penis and help you gain a length quicker.  This method is made with natural herbs and dietary supplements and is supposed to wear somewhere below the navel or on your hip.  This is convenient as the penis patch can stay hidden under your clothing.  Most patches available in the market are water resistance, meaning can be worn even if you’re in a shower.
  4. Cosmetic.  Men who do not want a risky method can try the quickest procedure.  Cut the pubic hair surrounding the penis.  With this, the penis will look larger as sometimes hair in the penis makes it look small. Trimming the hedges can make the penis stand out further and gives the illusion of a larger member.
  5. Lose weight.  You should lose the added fats surrounding the waistline. Bigger belly makes the penis look smaller.

These methods are generally effective.  However, we should never forget that for most women, size doesn’t really matter.  It is the performance which matters a lot.  Also, even if penis extenders are said to effective, not all of them are safe.  Talk to your partner if you are both willing to take the risks of penis enhancement devices or will just take the natural method.

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