Why Use Penis Extenders

Looking for an effective way to increase your penis size? Perhaps you have heard about penis extenders but have you actually tried it? Penis extender devices are the most effective way of increasing the size of your penis. They are using the principle of traction which is dated back to hundreds of years ago by some tribes in Africa. Ever wonder about the heavy advertisements about penis extenders? It is because they actually work. They are effective because they have a science to support them, which is the principle of traction, and they have successful results that will speak for them. In fact, according to surveys, 90% of men who have tried penis extenders have expressed their satisfaction over the results.

Gain Sexual Confidence

The concept behind the penis extenders is not new since they have been used way back before. African tribes having been using the principle of traction by using weights tied into their penis. But of course you don’t have to undergo with this anymore since you can now enlarge your penis by using the same concept through the penis extender devices.

The principle of traction is a general belief that putting pressure on any part of the body would force the regeneration of new cells. So when the penis is stretched, tears would be created forcing the cells to multiple and regenerate. This is similar to having cuts or wounds in any parts of our body. When we are wounded or sufferedcuts and injuries, the natural reaction of our body is to regenerate cells in order to heal those wounds. This is the concept behind the penis extenders.Pressure will be applied to the penis in order to create tears and force the cells to expand and regenerate thereby creating new tissues which will later on increase the length of the penis. As pressure is applied on a continuous basis for a period of time, cells will continue to grow becoming tissues that will make up the added length of the penis.Also, penis traction can improve the blood circulation on the penis. Improved blood circulation will not only boost your sexual stamina and erection strength, more importantly, it can increase your penis size and the girth.

Another good thing about penis extenders is that they are safe to use. Genuine penis extenders have undergone tests and satisfied standards before they are released in the market. Some penis extenders are even backed by medical doctors and further certified it as safe to use while providing real results. Moreover, these medical doctors supporting these penis extender devices are not just ordinary doctors, they are world renowned doctors affirming the capability of these devices to add the length and girth to your penis.

Also you don’t have to worry about experiencing discomfort while using penis extenders because they are comfortable to use. With its adjustable straps and sleek design, you can wear them anytime you like without any troubles. You can wear them in your daily activities, at work and even while sleeping.

And do you know the best thing about using penis extenders? The results of penis extenders will not reverse over time. Penis growth and enlargement is permanent. You can stop using penis extenders when you see that it has reached your desired length.

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